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Patrol 901



PATROL-901 is a perfect digital detector, aimed at those who demand high level security.

PATROL-901 applies the latest and most effective method of bipolar detection. The algorithm, based on bipolar detection, includes an analysis of signals and a calculation of bipolar pulses within certain time intervals and allows the detector to be adapted to various objects with complex operational conditions.

PATROL-901 provides the most reliable and stable operation in premises with extremely harsh environments, where the use of analog detectors is not reliable.

  • The combination of multi-focal optical lens and bipolar detection algorithm creates the PATROL-901 free of false alarms.

  • The PATROL-901 has high immunity against sunlight and headlights and can be installed opposite windows

  • Hermetical sealing of the pyroelectric sensor protects the detector from draughts and small insects, thus eliminating 
    one of the main causes of false alarms.

  • Self diagnostics - the microcontroller controls the detector's basic circuit.

  • High RFI and EMI immunity allows the detector to be mounted next to sources of radio and electromagnetic emission.

  • PATROL-901 detector does not respond to a 10 watt transmitter within a range of 1m transmitting on a frequency 
    band from 10MHz to 1000MHz.

  • The detector remains operational at temperatures as low as -30°C.


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