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Patrol 501



  • Highly selective sensitivity

  • Dual-channel detection of the break (impact) / sound signals sequence

  • Digital mathematical algorithm of signal processing

  • Extraordinary immunity to false alarms

  • Stable operation in harsh environments

  • Ideal protection from RF and EM interferences

  • Automatic microphone overload protection 

  • Last event memory time: 30 min

  • Protects all glass types

  • Elegantly designed to blend into any decor


Unique algorithm is based on recognition of sequence of low-frequency 
and high-frequency signals of framed pane glass breakage.

Low-frequency signal is emitted upon the impact of glass. High-frequency signal occurs upon the glass breakage.

For triggering an alarm, both a low-frequency sound of the glass impact and a high-frequency glass breakage sound must be registered within a predetermined time frame.

Since both detector channels must register the actual glass breakage, false alarms are practically excluded.

The program of microcontroller, based on the mathematical algorithm, analyzes signals and detects only 
the actual breakage of all standard framed glass types.


Due to the unique program and perfectly adjusted filters the PATROL-501 provides excellent protection from false alarms in extremely harsh environments. Highly selective sensitivity of the high frequency channel enables the PATROL-501 to detect real glass breakage with high accuracy among a variety of background noises.

The above features enable the PATROL-501 to be used in extremely harsh environments, such as airports, industrial plants as well as in the vicinity of noisy restaurants, bars, etc. High RFI and EMI immunity allows the detector to be mounted next to radio and electromagnetic emission sources.


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