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Patrol 101PET


PATROL-101PET is a combined detector designed for use in open, outdoor areas and low-temperature environments up to -55°С.

PATROL-101PET creates a narrow protective curtain allowing free movement 
within a protected area without triggering the alarm.

PATROL-101PET has anti-mask technology, in order to detect all types of masking attempts.

PATROL-101PET provides pet immune detection up to 30 kg.



Dual PIR & MW Technology

Dual technology provides stable detection while virtually eliminating false alarms and costly service calls.

PIR detects intruder movements within a protected area.

A microwave sensor, using a Doppler effect, emits a signal and monitors the 
return signal for any "new" object in the field-of-view.


PATROL-101PET is equipped with a built-in heater for use in low temperature environments. 
The thermostatically controlled heater ensures full detector functionality in severe cold weather conditions.

Shock Sensor

PATROL-101PET includes a shock sensor to detect external attack. Any physical impact or attempt to separate the detector from a wall will cause PATROL-101PET to trigger an alarm.

Anti-mask Protection

The anti-mask system detects any attempts to disable PATROL-101PET operation by masking it with a material that blocks infrared energy and sends a masking signal to a control panel.

Pulse-counting method

Selectable pulse count (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) provides users with the option of optimizing detector sensitivity to suit the environment, thus retaining reliable performance at all times.

Automatic Temperature Compensation

The temperature compensator automatically ensures optimum detector performance in changing environmental conditions.

Individual PIR/MW/Anti-mask Sensitivity Adjustment

Three separate sensitivity potentiometers enable the PIR, MW and Anti-mask sensitivity to be adjusted to specific operating environments.

Visible Light Disturbance Protection

Protective shielding for blocking out white light allows only IR energy to reach the pyroelectric sensor, eliminating false alarms from visible light disturbances.

Double RFI / EMI Protection

- Reliable circuit protection
- RFI shielding of pyroelectric sensor

Weatherproof Housing

The outdoor detector is housed in an impact resistant case made of an ASA plastic compound with a long-life guarantee against yellowing and aging. PATROL-101PET is hermetically sealed, dust-tight and water jet protected (IP65).



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