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Wireless Remote Controls

ACS 144R



Wireless four-channel multi-functional receiver ACS-144R, operating in conjunction with two hand-held push-button transmitters, provides the remote control of any electronic equipment:

  • Electrical gates

  • Sliding doors

  • Electromagnetic locks

  • Automatic barriers

  • Electrical curtains

  • Lighting fixtures


The remote control set may be used as a personal PANIC BUTTON 
in security systems for triggering any type of alarm.


  • Four independent channels

  • Five operating modes of each receiver channel:

      1. Panic button mode (Security)
      2. Switching mode (ON/OFF)
      3. Hold mode (Continuous)
      4. Pulse mode - 1 second

      5. Switch on period mode (1-300 sec)

  • Receiving range in open space - up to 500 meters

  • KEELOQ® rolling code technology

  • Maximum quantity of remote controls learning the receiver – 330

  • Programming the ON/OFF period for desired time from 1 to 300 sec

  • Unauthorized access protection (in "Panic Button" mode)

  • Last event memory: 30 min (in "Panic Button" mode)

  • Alarm is triggered when the electric power supply is disconnected (in "Panic Button" mode)

KEELOQ® Rolling Code Technology

The multi-functional remote control sets use KEELOQ® rolling code technology, ensuring the highest level of security by code combination programmable but read-protected. The combinations of different codes transmitted by remote controls prevent radio scanning and unauthorized access.

Receiving Range

The operating range of the hand-held remote controls depends on the mounting location of the receiver.
Various obstructions, environmental factors, radio-frequency and electromagnetic sources might influence the emission of radio-signal and as a result, might shorten the receiving range. For optimal radio-signal reception: mount the receiver at least 1.5 meter above the ground, as far as possible from any radio frequency and electromagnetic sources.



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